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Welcome to the SOuTHeRn CaLiFOrNIa DaNcE cOllEcTiVe (SCDC), a gathering place for creative, expressive dancers. DJs, musicians and producers are also invited, as well as anyone who loves to dance.

As participants in the underground tribal dance culture of Southern California, we care deeply about community and make lifelong friendships on the dance floor at studios, parties and outdoor gatherings.

If you have a passion or a pleasure to share, or you want to turn us on to a wicked dance event or your latest DJ mix, please post to our discussion board below.

To view what is possibly the most beautiful collection of dance images on the web, check out our photo gallery. Here you will find hundreds of inspiring images of our dance family--humans, angels, faeries, freaks, elves, bellydancers, tantrikas and divine beings gettin down.

Also, you can find pictures of our local dance events at our sister tribe, Southern California Dance Photos at:

Thanks for participating in our tribal dance famiy.

Patrick Harvard
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